Brickface by New England Brickmaster is where it all began. Our three step process can be applied in more than a dozen colors and pattern combinations to get the look in Brickface that you desire and your home deserves. You will be amazed how our New England Brickmaster Finish Coat beautifully defines your chosen design creating a durable and maintenance-free exterior or interior.

All New England Brickmaster products are applied in a three step process.

  1. The first step is to prepare the substrate surface for re-facing with a vapor barrier and galvanized diamond wire mesh and securely attach the mesh to the substrate.
  2. The second step is to apply and embed a cement based scratch coat into the wire mesh.
  3. The third step, after curing the scratch coat, is to apply a mortar coat and a color infused finish coat. This final coat is then scored down to the mortar coat, in the shape and size you have selected, revealing the amazingly detailed, brick-textured finish we have created for your exterior or interior project.

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