For over 40 years, New England Brickmaster & Exteriors has been The Leader in Stucco Industry offering CO$T EFFECTIVE $OLUTION$ & creating astounding Curbside Appeals!

Whether it be a brand new Brick veneer, a phenominal Stoneface, or a prestigious Traditional Hard Cement Stucco Application we have enhanced the look of Commercial & Residential for years and continue to do so!

With the pandemic causing the continued rise of construction materials, we pre-planned, bought and stocked up on our needed products so to still be able to pass $aving$ on to you, our Customers....

See some of the latest Transformations:

37 Highland Street Worcester MA-Antique Brick

GC-Fulcrum Associates Northside Animal Hospital Hookset, NH-Stacked Stone

Canobie Lake Park Salem, NH-Stucco Application, Float Finish

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